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Manufactured to suit the construction site, even for the dustiest of applications

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Maintenance-free, dynamic rolling brake

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Modern and EU-compliant plastics

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Also suitable for damaged drums

LITEC 250 Pocket


  • low measures, low weight
  • proven qualities of LITEC 501
  • with a dynamic unroll brake
  • weight bearing capacity of up to 190 kg

Usable universally for:

  • from small to middle sized installation drums
  • drums of a low interior diametre (from 13mm)
  • damaged drums

The lightweight of 1kg carries up to 190kg!

Fits into each tool bag!

Diameter: ca. 250 mm
Weight: ca. 1 kg
Load capacity: max. 190 kg
Edge height: ca. 50 mm
Drum mounting: 50 mm Hole diameter
Other: Removable spike which receives drums with a low interior diametre (from 13 mm).

Product Information

A weight depending, maintenance-free and automatic brake stops the device after a short but well cotrolled running as soon as the pulley is interrupted. The unroll brake adjusts its brake effect to both easy wires and heavier cable drums. Depending on the weight which is on the device, the unroll brake makes e.g. the unrolling of heavy drums much easier.

The device enables its user to work without interruptions in any direction without a need of being surveilled and without a tangle of cables.

Thanks to an adjustable gap between the turnable section and the spike an almost empty calbe drum can be holt without falling down. Moreover, the adjustable gap serves as a help to make the fixing of the drum easier. Therefore the LITEC® 250 POCKET has to be put on top of the drum with the adjusted gap. After that the drum needs to be set upright with the unroller, which is attached to the drum, and ready!

The LITEC® 250 POCKET is smoothly operating, low, stable. maintenance free and non slipping.
It is able to carry 200 times its own weight.
You are saving costs thanks to rational working!

Made in Germany


Datasheet L 250 Pocket

Datasheet L 250 Pocket

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Flyer englisch

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