Manufactured to suit the construction site, even for the dustiest of applications

Maintenance-free, dynamic rolling brake

Modern and EU-compliant plastics

Also suitable for damaged drums


The professional device of the newest generation which is able to wind up and unroll cables and wires of different kinds:

  • thin wires
  • cable rings
  • hollow tubes
  • cable drums, all sizes,
  • as well usable for damaged cable drums
  • with a dynamic unroll brake
  • up to 500 kg
Diameter: ca. 40 mm
Weight: ca. 3 kg
Load capacity: max. 500 kg
Edge height: ca. 60 mm
Drum mounting: 50 mm Hole diameter
Other: Removable spike which receives drums with a low interior diameter (from 13 mm).

Product Information

The Litec 400 may be heavy on the sides Cable drums by means of 3 screws of approx. 4 x 30 mm be attached. The 3 mounting lugs on Litec 400 make this possible.

A load-dependent, maintenance-free automatic Brake brings the device after a short, controlled Caster to stop as soon as the cable load is interrupted becomes. The roll-off brake is in her Braking effect with a lighter cable drum as with a heavier cable drum always according to the currently available Weight and takes into account that a heavy drum is easier when rolling.

The Litec 400 is up to max. 500 kg loadable.

The device allows trouble-free working in any direction without the rolling process supervised must be without cable clutter and bring a cost savings through rational work.

Advantages: compact and space-saving design, very smooth, flat, robust, maintenance-free, non-slip stable.

Made in Germany


Datasheet L 400, english

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Flyer englisch

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