Manufactured to suit the construction site, even for the dustiest of applications

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Maintenance-free, dynamic rolling brake

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Modern and EU-compliant plastics

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Also suitable for damaged drums

Product comparison

Scroll table horizontally.
502 table
501 table
502 | 501
402 table
400 table
402 | 400
252 table
250 table
252 | 250
Cable rings 1 0 0
Core lines 1 0 0
Hollow tubes 1 0 0
damaged drums 1 1 1
Removable spike 1 1 1
Recommended for
Rings 1 0 0
large drums 1 1 0
small drums 1 1 1
Load capacity 380 kg 500 kg 190 kg
Weight 6,8 kg 3,0 kg 1,1 kg
Diameter 500 mm 400 mm 250 mm
Drum hole diameter
without spike from 13 mm
Standard spike from 51 mm
LITEC-Lock from 45 mm

Cable dispenser

  • 502 title

    LITEC 502

    Four devices combined in one. Universal device for winding and unwinding a wide variety of cables and wires.

  • 402 title

    LITEC 402

    For particularly heavy drums. Ideal for winding and unwinding cable drums of various sizes. Also for damaged drums!

  • 252 title

    LITEC 252

    SMALL BUT BIG Small dimensions, low weight. The lightweight of 1 kg can carry up to 190 kg!

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The story

In 2005, an idea became reality. The reeling of defective cable drums, cable rings, empty conduits and core conductors with one device made our L501 an unprecedented universal tool. The exclusive focus and expertise in this tool area quickly led to two further cable reels. Our L250 Pocket (for small to medium-sized cable drums or data cables) and our L400, which can be attached to particularly heavy cable drums before being folded over and unwound on the cable drum side. We now count well-known electrical wholesalers at home and abroad among our loyal customers.

andré schmidt
André Schmidt, Managing Director
marcel salvers
Marcel Salvers, partner & authorised signatory