LITEC 402 Cable dispenser

The L402 for heavy cable drums is ideal for winding and unwinding cable drums of various sizes.

  • optimised hold of the cable drums thanks to Litec-Lock fixation
  • With dynamic unwinding brake
  • Load capacity up to 500 kg
  • Reels with holes from 45 mm can be fixed with Litec-Lock
  • Reels with small inner hole diameter
    (from 13 mm) without Litec-Lock lamellar mandrel
  • Bolting lugs for use on large and heavy drums
  • also for damaged drums
  • ca.  400 mm

  • ca.  3  kg

  • 500  kg

  • ca.  60  mm

  • from 45 mm

  • Removable mandrel to accommodate drums with a small internal diameter from 13 mm

Product Information

The LITEC 402 can be attached to the sides of particularly heavy cable drums using 3 screws of approx. 4 x 30 mm. The 3 fixing lugs on the LITEC 402 make this possible. A load-dependent, maintenance-free automatic brake brings the device to a standstill after a short, controlled overrun as soon as the cable pulling load is interrupted. The braking effect of the unwinding brake is always adjusted according to the current weight of a lighter cable reel as well as a heavier cable reel, taking into account that a heavy reel becomes lighter as it unwinds.

The LITEC 402 can be loaded up to 500 kg. The device enables trouble-free working in any direction, without having to supervise the unwinding process, without tangled cables and saves costs through efficient working.


  • compact and space-saving design
  • very smooth-running, flat, robust, maintenance-free, non-slip and stable
  • Removable Litec-Lock lamellar mandrel for holding drums with a small internal diameter from 13 mm
  • Lugs for bolting to large and heavy drums.



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