Manufactured to suit the construction site, even for the dustiest of applications

Maintenance-free, dynamic rolling brake

Modern and EU-compliant plastics

Also suitable for damaged drums


The professional device of the newest generation which is able to wind up and unroll cables and wires of different kinds:

  • thin wires
  • cable rings
  • hollow tubes
  • cable drums, all sizes

As well usable for damaged cable drums.

With a dynamic unroll brake.

One for all up to 380 kg

Diameter: ca. 50 mm
Weight: ca. 7 kg
Load capacity: max. 380 kg
Edge height: ca. 77 mm
Drum mounting: 50 mm Hole diameter

Product Information

– simply brilliant, brilliantly simple –
The Litec-501 saves investments and storage- and transport space by combining up to four different and seperate gadgets. A weight depending, maintenance-free and automatic brake stops the device after a short but well controlled running as soon as the cable pull is interrupted. This brake is the decisive condition for being able to use the same gadget for easy and heavy weights. The unroll brake adjusts its brake effect to both easy wires and heavier cable drums. Depending on the weight which is on the device, the unroll brake makes e.g. the unrolling of heavy drums much easier. The Litec-501 is loadable up to 380 kg. The device enables its user to work without interruptions in any direction without a need of being surveilled and without a tangle of cables, which saves costs thanks to rational working. One does neither require any special tools nor additional components for re-equipping, so that nothing can get lost. The device is designed in a compact and space saving manner. It is smoothly operating, low, stable. maintenance free and non slipping.

Made in Germany


Datasheet L 501

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